What is Shanthi Ashram?

Shanthi Ashram Charitable Society or SACS is an independent, voluntary, and charitable organization. It is governed by a board of devoted men and women. It is involved in social, economical, educational, medical, and other awareness and community development activities among the poorest of the poor.

Who founded Shanthi Ashram?

The first seeds of Shanthi Ashram Charitable Society (SACS) were put way back in 1995 by Dr. S. B. Raja Reddy at B. Thandrapadu village in Kurnool District. Later it was re-registered at Hyderabad in 1998 with the register number 6606/98.

Why we must choose Shanthi Ashram?

Shanthi Ashram works really hard to make sure that its residents lead a comfortable life and get an opportunity to live in a carefree environment.

Is healthy food provided in your orphanage?

Shanthi Ashram provides healthy, hygienic, nutritious, and balanced meals to its residents.

Do you have a special medical team for routine health checkups?

Shanthi Ashram has a team of competent doctors and nurses who work round the clock.

Do you have a healthy and clean environment?

Shanthi Ashram ensures the provision of a healthy and clean environment.

Do you organize outing tours?

Shanthi Ashram frequently organizes outing tours.

Can I sponsor an individual child?

You can sponsor a child from Rs. XXXXX/- per month. Shanthi Ashram is able to receive donations in Hyderabad, India. Donations to Shanthi Ashram are eligible for a tax deduction in India under section 80G. Contact us if you want to become a sponsor.

Is it possible to spend one day with the children?

We really appreciate your desire to spend a special day with Shanthi Ashram’s children but we have to limit the number of visits in order to ensure the emotional stability of the children. We want the children to know the adults around them and this is not always compatible with a one-shot visit. Therefore, we only accept visits from sponsors or former volunteers on these special occasions.

Is it possible to donate in kind to Shanthi Ashram?

Absolutely! You can donate items in good condition to Shanthi Ashram. Please note that we cannot pick up donations in person and that you will have to drop them.

Are you affiliated to any religion?

Shanthi Ashram is a secular organization. We do not promote any religion but respect religious diversity, a historical backbone of India’s secularism. We encourage the children to understand and appreciate this diversity.

From where do Shanthi Ashram funds come?

Our funds come from both individual and corporate sponsors. Our NGO is supported by individual donors, who sponsor the children and ensure 40% of our funding. Companies and foundations help us to cover the rest of our expenses.

Can I offer a gift to the children?

It is possible to offer a gift under certain conditions to avoid possible jealousies among the children. We may not be able to tell him that it comes directly from you because not all the children are lucky to have a gift from their sponsors, but we will send you a picture of the child with the gift. Sometimes we will recommend you to get a gift that the child has chosen, a useful gift or one that can be shared with the other children.

Do they go to school?

Yes, we make sure that the children are enrolled in the best schools possible for them in Hyderabad. They are all in English Medium programs, as English is a strong social marker in India. They also have tuition in Shanthi Ashram every day to help with their homework.

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